Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of year wrap-up

As I'm catching up on blogging, I just need to do a random update post.  I can't believe there's only one day left of 2012!!  Every year about this time I try to run through the past year in my mind thinking of everything that's happened and changed in my life and plan what to do differently in the next year.  Last January seems like a million years ago.  We had just decided to keep the babies, I was wrapping up my work responsibilities to go on medical leave, and being kidnapped to Babies R Us to register for gifts- which I thought was the most overwhelming thing ever (those were the days ;))!  This year has been filled with many challenges, but many more blessings!  We are so thankful for everyone and everything that's helped us get through this last year.  One thing is evident as we go along everyday- God is good!

Now on to the randomness...

We brought the kiddos to their first birthday party for a good friend's 1st birthday!  They did well for about an hour then Allison got upset and we scooted on out of there.

We have officially dropped the 10:30pm bottle for the biggies and they are now sleeping 11 hours straight!!  Still feeding Levi and Allison, but it's so much easier with only 2.

Still waiting on Levi's helmet.  Leah is now on the highest calorie formula allowed and I think she's gaining weight a tad faster... we'll see.  She has started eating a tiny tiny bit of cereal and tolerating it!  I'm hopeful this will continue to improve.  I have also learned to put her g button in all by myself, so I can avoid some ER visits- yea!  It's much easier than I thought it would be.  I might just have to get my nursing degree for a 2nd career :)

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Big smiles from Caroline, Allison, and Levi

My 2 big boys- Andrew & Benjamin
Girly Girls- Allison, Leah, and Caroline


  1. Happy New Year - From Denmark :)

  2. Every day I read a new post on your blog I just think how amazing it is that you successfully had six babies! God really is good. It's incredible to look back on the last year, indeed. This time last December we'd just finished announcing to all the family that we were expecting quads. I'm SO GLAD that the big babies are sleeping through the night, that's awesome. You are a rock star!! Glad to hear Leah is tolerating a little rice, hopefully it'll get better and she can start eating more of that to help with weight gain as well. Our NICU nurses joked that by the time we left, we should have honorary nursing degrees for all we knew! Ah, how life has changed.... Happy New Year!