Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Recap Part 1: Thanksgiving

I know.  I'm behind on posting as always.  This year the whole holiday season was so busy I was just trying to keep up!  Not that things will really slow down now that Christmas is over, but hopefully I can catch up on a few things- like blogging!

Now I'm taking it way back to Thanksgiving.  The saddest thing about our Thanksgiving was that somehow I took ZERO pictures the entire weekend!!  I had great intentions and we even discussed getting a picture of the whole extended family, but it never happened.  Regardless, you get to read all about it.

We spent Thanksgiving at Dave's parents' house in Austin.  We had previously deemed this the last trip of 2014, because I need a break from packing/unpacking and general travel stress.  Back to Thanksgiving.  For the first time we traveled at night.  Put the kids in their jammies, loaded the van and left about bedtime.  It worked out great!  They slept the entire ride and didn't fuss too much when we moved them to pack n plays upon our arrival.  The way home we traveled at nap time and they did fine- either napping or quietly looking out the window the majority of the ride.  Can't complain!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at a family friend's home.  The kids ate the dinner like everyone else except they had plastic plates, utensils, and cups.  They really did well sitting at the table and playing nicely while adults prepared and served food.  The rolls were by far their favorite item!  After lunch they napped and ended up getting pie for dinner (they napped way late and it just seemed appropriate for the occasion).

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging around the grandparents' home.  They loved running around the backyard, chalking up the patio, playing with trucks, blocks, and babies, jamming on the piano, reading, and going up and down the stairs.  One time we did take them to a local playground and, of course, they had a blast there!  My favorite moments were the cartwheel contest amongst the adults with the kids doing their version (rolling on the ground with legs straight up) next to us and Ashley and I creatively disposing of Allison's inconvenient poop at the park.

Even Maggie had a great time!  There were 3 other dogs there to keep her company.  And Dave and I both had mini-breaks from the kids.  I went shopping and to a movie with a sister-in-law and Dave saw a different movie with the guys.  We even had a date night!

Just one more story.  Perkins tradition on Thanksgiving is everyone has to say something significant they are thankful for before the feast begins.  I practiced with the kids all month asking them what they are thankful for.  Every time they all answered "MaMa, PaPa, Jeanie" (my grandparents and great aunt).  If they kept going you'd hear anything from friends or grandparents names to cookies.  On the actual day Ben and Allison were too shy to answer, Caroline said "MaMa", Levi said "Daddy", and Andrew said "Pop" (my dad).  So proud they actually participated and had reasonable answers :)