Saturday, January 12, 2013

1st Road Trip: Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Last weekend we drove to Fort Smith for my brother-in-law's wedding.  Everyone told me I was crazy, but Dave was a groomsman and I would've been so disappointed if I didn't get to see Kyle get married.  Overall, it went way better than we expected  (I did set very low expectations)!  Now I'll try to cover all the info that I'm frequently asked about the trip...

Normally it takes Dave and I 9 hours to drive to Fort Smith.  It took us 11 hours up there and just over 10 on the way back.  We stopped twice both times.  We stopped in parking lots at gas stations and changed diapers and fed them in the van then filled up with gas and had our bathroom break.  I told the babies they were not allowed to poop until we got there and they listened!  The day after we got home was official poop day in the Perkins house- seriously, they've never pooped so much.  The babies handled the car very well!  They were perfect until about the last hour each way- started crying and squirming.  Laura and I had our work cut out for us hopping between rows trying to entertain them.  

Laura is my favorite 14 year old who I convinced to come help me because it would be so much fun to go to a wedding and ride in a van for 2 days with all 8 of us :)  We had lots of family around to help once we got there, but I knew I'd need help on the road.  She was wonderful!  She did everything I asked with no complaints even when I woke her up at 6:30am and made her stay up to make bottles and feed the 2 at 10:30pm.  And she entertained us all with her imaginative 14 year old thoughts and life plans.  We couldn't have done the trip without her.  On the last day she did tell me "I'm kinda tired of babies, they're like 24/7."  Don't I know it!

We stayed at Dave's aunt and uncle's house.  They were so kind to let us come and take over their home, in addition to feeding babies, playing with babies, and driving Big Blue around Fort Smith so we didn't get lost.  Dave and I brought 3 pack n plays (the van was FULL), they had 1, and my in-laws brought 1, so with 5 pack n plays spread around the house only Ben and Alli had to share.  I had enough pre-made formula to cover everyone the whole time which made things easier in that area.  

For the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception we had rooms set aside just for me, Laura, and the babies.  Plenty of family and friends were in and out helping us feed them and change them so Laura and I did get to venture out of the rooms here and there.  The rehearsal got a little crazy when it seemed like everyone was in the baby room and I couldn't keep track of who had which baby.  The wedding was much more controlled.  We attempted holding the babies in the back of the church, but that lasted about 20 seconds and we were back in the nursery.  Thankfully, Ashley (the bride) had set up a tv in there so we could watch the ceremony.  I brought their pajamas with us to both events so they could fall asleep on the way home and we'd just have to transfer them- this worked fairly well.  Caroline decided to cut her first 2 teeth while we were there and she was rather cranky the whole time.  Of course the 1 thing I forgot was the teething gel!  She enjoyed being held a lot.  Both nights the babies lasted until about 8:30 and it was time for us to leave.

Overall, it was fun, but exhausting and a lot of work.  Took me all week to recover.  Here are some photos of the trip...

Office pack n plays

dining room pack n plays
Portion of our stuff spread around the house

taking over the living room

cranky caroline

feeding at the rehearsal

feeding at the rehearsal

me with the bride and groom!

The in-laws all fancied up
Ready for the wedding!


  1. Girl, I believe that it took you a week to recover!!! That's an incredible trip to make! I am tired just after reading your post, haha. Love that it worked out and the babies all look so good. Happy New Year!

  2. So glad the Perkins pack were able to be a part of Kyle's wonderful life event-wedding day! Everyone looks so special. Congratulations to both parents for your amazing calm, planning skills, and sheer stamina to make the long days work with love.
    Mary Lou & Westlake United Methodist Church