Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry 1st Christmas!

We had a nice, "quiet" Christmas at home this year.  I'll have to wait a couple of years to do all the activities I've always wanted to share with my kids at Christmas time, but it was fun getting started this year!  One thing I'm not looking forward to being peer pressured into- Elf on the Shelf!  Maybe it won't be cool anymore once they're big enough to understand?  Anyway...

Dave and I always drive around looking at Christmas lights on the 23rd, so this year after the bedtime routine, we loaded up the babies into the van and took off cruising around Houston checking out lights.  The babies slept through the whole thing, but we enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, it was too hot outside for us to do our traditional hot chocolate :/.  Earlier that day, Dave's family came to visit and brought the babies some thoughtful gifts; it was nice to see everyone!  Christmas Eve was spent much like any other day.  We did take some Christmas PJ pics by the tree and open the few gifts we had for them- not like they had any clue what was going on.  The funniest part was that Allison and Andrew were scared to death by the sound of ripping wrapping paper!  My mom got them several toys and Dave and I got them their stockings and baby's 1st Christmas ornaments.  Christmas day we headed to my grandparents house for the afternoon!  The babies were great in the car and at their house.  We just ate yummy food, played games, visited, and opened a few gifts.  It was a surprisingly relaxing day.  I'm sure future Christmases will be much more hectic!

Christmas jammies- Ben, Levi, Alli, Andrew, Leah, Caroline

around the baby tree

opening their presents

Christmas outfits- Alli, Ben, Leah, Levi, Caroline, Andrew

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