Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The First Thanksgiving

We had a nice low-key Thanksgiving celebration with our family this year.  With an upcoming out of state wedding, I wanted to save all my traveling stress for that and stay at home for the holidays.  When I think about how much stuff to pack and plan for it overwhelms me!

My grandmother hosted Thanksgiving lunch this year (she lives about 45 min away).  My parents, Dave, and I loaded up the babies after the morning feed and drove on down to West Columbia.  We only took a few blankets and activity mats and the dancing dog (it's a lifesaver) and it was great!  The babies got plenty of attention from extended family which they LOVED.  We also did a test run of attaching the stroller to the back of the van and going for a walk in someone else's neighborhood and that also went well :)  We ate in shifts and stayed about 4-5 hours before heading home to get the bedtime routine on schedule.  The only mishap was my grandmother's oven accidentally locking the dressing and green bean casserole in!  The dishes stayed in there a week before a repairman could fix it... yuck!  And I found some pecan pie wrapped in foil underneath a van seat a few days after Thanksgiving.  Oh well.  We were very pleased with the whole mini travel experience and how well the babies handled it.
4 generations!

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