Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Schedule

I wanted to update that Allison and Levi dropped their 10:30pm bottle with no trouble at all!  Oh, it is so nice putting them to bed at 7:30 and not doing anything (besides refilling Leah's feed bag and the occasional random wake up) until 6am.  Just for my own memory I wanted to post on the current schedule of how my days go around here...

6am- wake up, fill Leah's bag, give Levi medicine, put bottles in crock pot, make oatmeal
6:30am- feed babies oatmeal followed by bottles
7am-8:30am- clean up breakfast, feed and let out dog, get babies dressed, other random morning chores, feed myself because I'm starving by 8am, then we always end with a Dance Party!
8:30am- put 5 down for morning nap
8:45am- do some therapy stuff with Leah
9am- Leah usually naps or has tummy time to music, I may take a 10-15 min power nap, I make myself somewhat presentable for the day
9:30am- give Leah medicine and do her first round of solid and tube feedings
10:30am- feed babies mid-morning bottle (they wake up anytime between 9:30-10:30am)
11-12- play time
12pm- lunch time spoon feeding
12:30pm- put 5 down for afternoon nap
12:45pm- do Leah's 2nd spoon and tube feeding
1ish- I eat lunch :)
1:30-2:15pm- my free time! - typically consists of making phone calls and/or household chores
2:30pm- feed babies again (they wake up anywhere between 1:30-2:30)
3-4pm play time
4-4:30pm- prep Leah's last tube feeding of the day and get everything ready for the walk
4:45-6pm- strolling around the neighborhood
6-7pm- dinner spoon feed, bath (if bath night), put on pajamas, evening bottles
7-8pm- put babies to bed, clean up, make bottles for next day, clean Levi's helmet, give Leah's medicine and night feed
8pm-? I eat dinner, exercise, do anything else I want to do before going to bed ( I do go to bed way too late, but oh well)

Basically, it's non stop!  But I would not survive without this schedule.  When there are enough people around I can do random things during play times- sometimes even run errands.  When I have to take one kiddo somewhere, volunteers come to fill in for me.  We are lucky enough to have a group of people who come babysit at least one night a month for Dave and I to go out :)  We have also started going to our Bible study group again- we just alternate who goes each week.  So, we do get to escape the monotony every now and then :)


  1. Wow, now that's a busy schedule just for the routine things! You are so impressive and inspiring. All the best to you and your pack!

  2. Power to the schedule! It truly is non-stop but how can we imagine our lives any other way now? Granted, I don't have another two whole babies to contend with! You are doing such an incredible job and I'm so happy to hear you and Dave get out some. To the people with one baby that whine to me about how they haven't been on a date since it was born (and the kid is like 10 months old), I have NO pity... ;)

  3. You are seriously amazing. Not many people can make my life look simple, but you sure do! ;) So glad the babies' are doing so well!