Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 steps forward, 1 step back

A few big things have been happening lately....

  1. The big blue van is here!  It took 2 months longer than expected, but we're rollin in style now.  Haven't gotten any pictures yet, but that's on the to do list.  I'm excited that we'll finally all fit in one vehicle!  I even drove it quite a bit the other day and didn't run into anything :)  Parking, backing up, and changing lanes are all a bit scary though!
  2. We had a first family photo shoot with the fabulous Brandi Smith!  She is amazing with the babies and I can't wait to see all the pictures!  So far, I've only seen the sneak peaks she's posted on facebook.  She also did my maternity shots which I love.  
  3. Leah is back in the NICU :(  After 11 days of struggling and fighting with her to eat from a bottle, I had to give in and call the doctor.  I tried EVERYTHING I could think of and that anyone suggested.  You know it was bad when volunteers looked on in horror.  That girl is strong and can scream!  Doc was worried about dehydration, so we brought her to the ER where we waited for several hours while poor Leah starved.  Thanks to some very helpful neonatologists, Leah was placed back in the NICU where she can be monitored by doctors who know her well.  The new plan for getting her to eat is to place a g tube in her belly and still work on oral feeds.  If the g tube placement all goes smoothly, she'll be back home next week.  I'm determined to get this girl to eat by mouth!  I've seen her do it, so I know she's capable, just has a seriously strong aversion to it.  The LSSP in me wants to nip this behavior in the bud (with the help of our OT).   So, as always, prayers are needed for our Little Leah!  And Levi's hernia surgery is next week, so pray for him while you're at it :)
Here are a few pictures from Brandi...

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  1. Hi Lauren! Found ya! I look forward to following your blog, whenever and however you find time to update it. I'm soooo impressed. You guys are doing amazing and have such a great attitude about things. Y'alls special six are truly blessed to have such incredible parents! Whenever my quad squad has me feeling run down and overwhelmed, I'll think of you and Stephen and buck up and face the day. Thanks for being such a positive role model and a wonderful influence on so many more people than you even know. Keep up the good work and hope to meet you soon! (And thoughts and prayers for Leah. With a determined momma like you, I just know she'll pull through with those pesky feeds. xo!)