Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leah LightAide wrap up

Well, our 2 weeks with Lily LightAide have come to an end.  We sure are going to miss her!!  The more time Leah spent working with this device, the more she figured it out and seemed to truly enjoy it.  Whether she was watching colors change on the screen or activating switches to control the screen changes, she was always content and motivated.  She went from needing someone with her to work the device to being set up in her stroller with a tray and working it on her own!

Her therapists also LOVE the LightAide.  Obviously her vision teacher loves the visual stimulation of colors and lights.  Her OT loves her use of the switches, her PT loves her working on positioning while using it, and her speech therapist loves Leah's vocalizations when she gets excited about what she is doing.

Leah working the switches with a therapist
This device shows great potential for Leah.  I've really enjoyed watching her progress so quickly.  Although we will soon be shipping LightAide off, there's still a chance Leah can win one for free!!  There will be a voting week where people vote on which of the 6 kids (who tried out the LightAide) gets a free  LightAide to keep!!  Don't worry, I will be campaigning for Leah- stay tuned!

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  1. Leah is adorable! I have a good feeling about Lily finding all of our little ones. :-)