Monday, December 9, 2013

Vote for Leah

Voting for Leah to keep the LightAide is open!  You can vote once a day Dec 9-15.  PLEASE VOTE!!!!  It just takes a second- really.  Leah loves this device, I haven't seen her respond to anything like she does with the LightAide.  It's something she can do on her own, and with her siblings- it's amazing!  And it's way too expensive to buy ourselves.

Voting is now officially open at this link:



  1. How do you vote? I couldn't figure it out. I followed the link and went to the page, but there was no place to click. It seemed like I had already voted...but I never did.

  2. There have been lots of people (including myself) having that issue. The site is supposed to refresh each IP address at midnight, so be sure no one else in your house or office already voted. I have heard from others that refreshing the page sometimes fixes it. Others said it just fixed itself in time. I'm working with the website to resolve the issue altogether! KEEP TRYING and KEEP VOTING!! We're in a close 2nd!

  3. Yay, today it worked. I will keep voting.

  4. I am going anonymous not because I do not want YOU to know who I am, but do not want THEM to know who I am. There is an Olivia who is also in the running for Lily. Olivia is in our area and I know what is being done for her to get votes. Not saying she doesn't deserve the Lily as much as anyone else, but your situation with SIX BABIES makes me believe that you would have less resources to purchase yourself afterward. Her local school district's FB page keeps posting the link asking for people to "help one of their own." Our local news station and newspaper has had an interview with the family and they are also posting links for voting. Do anything...heck, pass out flyers on the street corner...just get the word out there for your family. The district is already talking about doing a fundraiser for Olivia if she does not win, so she is covered, so I do not feel guilty giving your family a nudge. GOOD LUCK!!! :)