Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun!

To get us in the Thanksgiving spirit, my mom and I made these super cute and yummy Turkey Oreos!  It was a Pinterest find that actually turned out ok.  All you need are Oreos, candy corn, chocolate frosting, and decorating gel or a pen for details:

It's so easy!  Just ice the oreo, then place candy corn to make a turkey tail and head.  Use the gel or pen to draw the turkey face. That's it!

All done!  Here are the finished turkeys.  Great idea for a kid craft or to bring to a school party!

Actual Thanksgiving Day was spent at my grandmother's house.  She's the best hostess!  She had the toddler table already set up for the kiddos when we arrived and her living room was full of toys and books for them to play with.  They loved exploring the new play area!  Did I mention that she and my aunt did all the cooking too?!  And it was delicious as always.  Last year my kids were still on formula, so this year was their first REAL Thanksgiving meal.  They literally gobbled it down!  Green beans were definitely the least favorite, but they still ate everything.  Sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie were favorites- smart kiddos :)  

After the meal, adults tag teamed eating and playing in the front yard with the kids.  They really loved running up and down the driveway and throwing leaves and trying to sneak by us to get into the street.  The highlight was my grandmother doing bicycle kicks in a pile of leaves to entertain the kids!  Too bad I didn't have my camera around then.  Once they started getting cranky and tired, we packed up and headed home.  They really did great the whole time and it was a very Happy Thanksgiving for us!  

Soaking up the one-on-one attention

Ben and his fake ice cream

Caroline watching the parade

Dave singing to Leah

Levi and his Swiffer

Andrew being a turkey

Pushing the limits

Gobble Gobble!

Levi trying out the Professor look

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