Monday, December 23, 2013

More November stuff

I WILL catch up on November before December is over!  This post is just little random things, but since this is how I chronicle our experiences and their development, I like to make note of some little random things.

1. Boys outing.  I took the boys to a birthday party- just me and them.  It wasn't at the most convenient time, and knowing how are the girls are when they're hungry and tired, Dave stayed home with them.  The boys did great!!  They loved playing in the backyard and scoping out a new playroom.  Andrew kept squealing with excitement.  They ate quite a big lunch that I fed them, and then gobbled up the birthday girl's entire plate of food when no adults were looking.  Seriously, the whole plate.  And then cried when I pulled them away.

2. Time change.  No parent of little ones likes time changes.  Guaranteed to throw everything off for a day or two or more.  It was fall back time, so we let them stay up a tad later than usual and then put them down and refused to get them up until the new 6:30am rolled around.  It worked!  They really transitioned smoothly and I can't complain.

3. Dentist visit.  I LOVE our pediatric dentist!!  She is fantastic with the kids and explaining things to me and answering questions.  And her staff is excited to see us when we get there!  The kids did great, mostly because they are so kid friendly in the office.  They got to roam around the waiting area while I took 1 back at a time.  She just counts and looks over their teeth, so each kid takes 5 min.  Everyone checked out ok and I got a gold star for their clean teeth :)  Makes it easier that they all like to have their teeth brushed.

4. New activities.  Sliding is a new favorite.  So far, Andrew, Allison, Caroline, and Ben can climb up the ladder and slide on their own.  I just catch them at the bottom.  Levi I still have to assist the whole time.  They LOVE it!!  They're even pretty good about taking turns if I'm monitoring.  Only problem is they like to stand up at the top and make us worry about them falling off, so we have to keep the slide off limits when no adults are in the room.  They're also starting to grasp the concept of puzzles (the 3 piece peg board ones) and I'm trying to use that as a structured table top activity.  One rainy day I put together these sensory boxes of random things I found in my craft bin- feathers, gift bows, balloons, wash cloths, pipe cleaners- the more I pull them out the more they like them.  The love when I half way blow up a balloon and let it fly around the room.  Last thing here is that they're just starting to copy motions to songs and dances.  It's so cute!  Watching them do the hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse is so fun.

What's in the box?

Sensory Time!

5. Leah has a new specialist- a chiropractic neurologist.  I had never heard of such a thing before I got the tip to check out this doctor, but so glad I did!!  She has given us some seriously random exercises to do with Leah to help with her balance, vision, and digestion.  So far she has really improved!  It is amazing to watch and the skeptic in me has been silenced.

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