Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Light Aide- One week update

We've been playing around with the light aide for a week now and we're still loving it!  It has really been a useful tool for us.  With 5 other kids, I can't always work with Leah as much as I would like and be there right next to her.  The light aide has so many programs I can set Leah up with a few different ones to watch while she's eating or while I'm busy chasing the others around-she gets visual stimulation and entertainment!  Today I even set her up with the censors on her stroller tray and she went to town; the other kids even "helped" her out a time or two.  They're equally fascinated with the changing lights.

This week we've been checking out quite a few programs.  Leah's current favorites are Building a Rainbow and Naming Shapes.  For both of these programs, she hits the censor to cause action on the screen- either building colors to form a rainbow or changing the shapes on the screen.  Whenever she sees something happen, she gets the biggest smile on her face!  She LOVES it!!

For more information on the Light Aide check out these websites...

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  1. Leah would do much better at this task if you were to stabilize her head and support her spine. Seated in an infant seat would allow for support and stabilization. Placed on her stomach, she might also be supported well enough to interact with the switches. But with her spine and head unsupported, she is expending all her effort in just trying to stay upright and aligned. This is just a little nugget I learned over my years of dealing with young children who have visual impairments and other physical impairments as well.