Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Video Post

Taking pics of my kiddos is getting harder and harder lately- they are so busy and quick!  Usually by the time I grab my phone or camera they've already quit doing whatever it was I wanted a picture of.  Group pictures are nearly impossible these days too!  I have been able to capture a few videos that I think show how their little personalities are developing.  My biggest challenge when videoing is making sure they don't notice the camera- then they just want to grab it.

A short clip of Ben walking

Levi walking

Kinda long, but it's my favorite- the whole group playing together with a curtain

Caroline LOVES to use the faucet!  It's a special treat for her.

Allison is by far the best at the rocking horse.  She'll keep going as long as someone's cheering her on.

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  1. Great idea, Lauren. Really get to see the kids' personalities and the wonder of all things through their eyes. Thx! Betsy in Pagosa