Friday, August 23, 2013

Traveling Play Dates

When you have 6 kids in one house, it's much easier for moms of 1 or 2 kids to bring theirs to you.  Our house already looks like Babies R Us/Toys R Us threw up in it anyway.  Why mess up someone else's house?

The Pack has about 4 friends right now- from 3 different families- and they've all been over to our house a few times.  One family lives down the street, so we don't ever go over there to terrorize their home.  However, the other 2 families invited us over and we visited both homes this month!  I really wasn't sure how the travel play dates would go, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The first play date was more of an undertaking than the second.  This friend lives 45 minutes away so I had to pack snacks and lunch and booster seats to feed them over there.  They had some separation anxiety as I was leaving to unload the other kids after dropping one off.  They quickly got over that and thoroughly enjoyed exploring and checking out different toys.  Their friend wasn't too sure about so many new kids playing with his toys, but he handled it the best a 22 month old only child can.  We were invited back, so I rate that a success!

The second play date was pretty close to home, so no food packing- yea!  It took a few minutes for the kids to get used to being in a new place, but again, they loved exploring and checking out the different toys.  Andrew, who is my biggest Maggie lover, was scared to death of their dog.  It was bizarre, but he eventually was able to tolerate the dog in the same room.  This family has a child close to their age and a another one a few years older.  The older one loved tickling my kids and showing them toys.  We even had a big dance party in the living room :)  This play date also went well and we were invited back again- 2 for 2!

When I was pregnant I never thought people would invite us over just due to sheer overwhelment (I just made up that word), so I'm glad my friends are brave!  And it's fun just to watch them all run around together.
One of our messy play areas towards the end of a play date!

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