Friday, August 2, 2013

6th Anniversary

A few weeks ago Dave and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!  Since we had just returned from Colorado, we really weren't planning on doing anything special.  Lucky for us that wasn't the case!  A neighbor came over during the babies' nap time to sit and watch them so we could go out for lunch!  Going out for a lunch date is a rare occurrence- like one other time since the babies came home from the hospital.  I was so excited to get out during the day and not be going to a doctor appointment or grocery store!

On the same day as the lunch date, Dave and I did a baby experiment - I took the boys to a friend's house and he kept the girls at home.  I was really nervous about taking them somewhere new and the other adults being super annoyed that I had brought 3 kids with me.  I was pleasantly surprised!  They behaved very well and didn't destroy anything :)  Dave said the girls were perfect at home, so that got us thinking that we could do arrangements like this more often!  For us, only having to care for 3 babies is a break!

The best part of our anniversary was seeing Wicked the musical!  We saw it 7 years ago (time flies!), but it was just as good the second time.  We went with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin-in-law.  My other cousin wasn't able to make it into town in time for the show, so she gave us her tickets!  It was such a great surprise and we were so thankful to get a night out and spend time with family :)

On the morning of our anniversary, I told Dave "Happy 6th Anniversary!" to which he replied, "6?  Are you sure it's not 8?"  haha  I guess the last year felt like 3!