Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Meals

There are quite a few people who have become like extended family members over the past year.  We really could not imagine doing life without them and we're so glad all of these people are involved in our kids' lives.  One neat thing about this situation is that we get to adopt a few traditions from other families!  For example- the first happy meal!  I personally know nothing of my first happy meal or ever thought about the kids having one (generally I try to give them healthy balanced meals), but in our friend's family, it's a big deal.  We decided to celebrate their 15 month birthday with individual happy meals for each baby.  Tradition says we cut the burgers in half, lay it all out there, and let them go to town.  Go to town they did!  All 5 of them ate their entire happy meal!  They loved every bite too.  Us adults got plenty of laughs and entertainment watching them.  I'm so glad this tradition was shared with us!
Just getting started

All done and ready for a nap

Caroline loved the french fries

Levi stuffing his face
Ben ate all the meat first
Andrew hoovered it the fastest then cried for more
Allison was slow and steady nibbling away


  1. So cute! My kids LOVE waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A!

  2. My daughter is four, and has never eaten a happy meal. We totally believe in home cooked, healthy meals, but I'm still surprised that she's never had one on the go. Hmm...we may just have to change that soon! Adorable photos!