Friday, August 23, 2013

The Big Pool

Growing up I LOVED to swim!  My brother and I spent as much time at the neighborhood pool as possible.  However, now as an adult and mom I totally get why my mom rarely got in the water and never wanted to get her hair wet.  Anyways, I've always wanted to instill the love of water from an early age and get my kids swimming.  Of course I never planned on having sextuplets which poses a big challenge to going swimming- me with 6 babies at a pool = I don't think so!  My sweet friend and volunteer convinced me that we could round up enough adults (1 per kid) to take them all to the pool.  Well, she was right!  6 adults, 6 kids, no problem.

The first pool day was a lot of fun!  Leah, Caroline, and Levi all took to the water pretty quickly.  Andrew, Ben, and Allison needed another trip or two to be convinced playing in the water was fun.  Whether they enjoyed it or not, they were playing in the water the whole time.

We've been keeping up with pool day each week and somehow, even at the last minute, the right amount of adults show up ready to get in the water with one of my kids.  Pretty awesome!  This last week they were all getting more brave.  They cruised around the edges of the pool and walked through the 1ft deep water.  They were even dipping down and putting their faces in :)

I love that we were able to do this and that my friends and family are nutty enough to follow along with my plans!
Off to the pool!
Leah and Allison chillin in the shallow water

Levi getting used to the water

Caroline having a blast!


Cool Dude Andrew

Ben says Stop splashing me!

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  1. Leah's getting so chunky! Love it! And they're ALL getting so big!

    And holy moly, Ben looks so much like Grandpa Perkins!

    Looks like everyone had a blast!