Friday, January 1, 2016

Pagosa 2015

I'm back at it again!  Catching up the ole blog.  Really I just need a better system of photo dumping which would motivate me to get posts up quicker.  And setting time to actually write my list of posts I want to write.  But, unfortunately for blog readers, this generally falls at the end of the to do list. Maybe in 2016 I'll do better.  Maybe.

Anywho, back to the topic at hand- PAGOSA TRIP 2015!  Our favorite time of the summer.  This year we didn't go until late summer as my parents were busy with their own travels (How dare they?!)   but we made the most of it.  Stuck to our usual plan of leaving dark and early at 4am for the long haul.  I feel we've got this down to a T; we know where all the good stop and play spots are, what the best food to pack is, how to cram everything in the van, and how are kids are best entertained.  This trip was by far the best we've had.  We did decide to forego potty training and leave them in pull ups for the car travel time.  This did lead to some regression at my parents house and after we returned home, but was so worth it along the 17-18 hour drive.  This time I also didn't bother with car toys.  They are perfectly happy listening to music, looking out the window, and eating a million and a half snacks.  Isn't that what road tripping is all about?!  Truly I was so thankful we didn't have to deal with any mega tantrums during the drive.

Enough about the drive!  We had so much fun while we were there!  The kids slept in one room, on the floor, in their own sleeping bags. They thought they were so cool "camping" like the Bubble Guppies.  They actually did sleep too!  Not without some good play time in their room though.  Leah slept in the room with Dave and I as usual.

At this point I don't remember the order in which we did which activities, but we fit in plenty.  The weather was wonderful, especially compared to the unbearable humidity and heat of Houston in late July.  We spent lots of time at parks and playing in the yard.  Picnics were a regular occurrence too.

Gammy and Pop's yard is even big enough to explore!  They also enjoyed "swimming" in the hot tub- once they got used to it being extra warm and having bubbles.

We were brave and took them around town a bit- sno cones, library story time, and a Mexican restaurant.  They did really well, and, of course, loved eating sno cones and chips and dip.

I big milestone was the first hike for the kiddos!  They exceeded our e
xpectations.  We specifically picked a very easy trail to a popular tourist stop and planned to stop about half way when the waterfall is first visible.  But they went the entire mile and a half round trip hike!  Up hill, rocks and roots, back down hill... I was impressed.

Speaking of hiking, the adults had to get some in too.  Dave and I had a lovely day date hiking a new-to-us trail with beautiful scenery and went out to lunch afterwards.  My mom and I also had a day to hike and have lunch.  Dave and my dad did a lot of fly fishing too, so we all got breaks from kid duty :)

What might turn into an annual tradition- we ended the trip with a picnic and play time at Williams Reservoir.  They LOVE to throw rocks in the water.  This may be a future camping spot too.

All in all a great trip!  Already looking forward to next summer when we'll go back.

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  1. Goodness gracious, it has been over 9 months since we've heard from or seen pictures of the Perkins family. We miss seeing ya'll and hearing of all the goings on. I know the children have grown like weeds. Sandy