Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Stuff!

Right now we're dealing with a cold going around the babies.  First Levi, then Andrew, now Caroline and Leah, and Ben and Allison seem to have a very mild version.  Caroline's the worst, poor thing.  She's super cranky and has snot galore.  I am thankful that we've had no fevers and they've been recovering on their own!  Dave also got the cold, and a few friends :/

Sick Caroline staying up late with Mommy

This past week I finally upgraded to the next level in bathtubs!  It still fits over the sink (I'm holding out on the regular tub as long as I can- just thinking of my poor back and knees), but has 2 seats- one for sitters and one for non-sitters.  So, Leah can recline a bit and the others and can sit up!  Ben, Alli, and Caroline have mastered splashing the water, which means I'm nice and wet by the end of bath time.  It's almost like riding the Tidal Wave at AstroWorld.  If you don't remember AstroWorld, you just made me feel old - thanks.  Anyway, they love it!

Ben loves his bath
Allison excited over the new tub
Levi says- Another new thing?

We've also started "snack training"- or that's what I'm calling it.  It means we're doing the 2:30pm feeding at the table with their milk in sippy cups and they're given some finger food (puffs/cheerios) snacks.  So far we've had to finish on the boppies because they can't quite lift their sippy cups high enough to get the second half.  Allison is a pro with the finger foods!  Andrew and Caroline pick them up, but have a hard time getting it in their mouth.  Ben's cool if you put it in his mouth for him and Levi wants nothing to do with it (he doesn't like new things).  Maggie thinks it's raining puffs under the table :)

Leah is now eating 2 tsp twice a day!  Brunch of plain oatmeal cereal and lunch of rice cereal mixed with a veggie.  So far she's tried sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and green beans.  She did not like the squash.  Anything new she cries through the first day, but slowly gets used to it.  I use quite a few distraction techniques to keep her eating and not gagging, but she does take the food and keep it down!  Next goal- a whole tablespoon at once.  She is also improving with her motor skills, especially head control, and vision therapy will soon be added to her therapy schedule.  I'm excited for this new opportunity!

Valentine's Day!

Cool dudes in their shades


  1. That last picture made me laugh! You have some seriously cool little men there! Levi's disgruntled little face is too cute in that bath time picture. Life as a baby must be so hard when your parents keep changing things ;).
    Glad to hear that Leah is making progress and is getting the therapies she needs to help her thrive.
    Hope you all feel better soon! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awww I hope everyone is feeling better soon! You amaze me and I think of you almost every day (not said to be creepy, ha!). When I'm feeling overwhelmed and run down, I think of you with two more babies to tend to and your positive attitude and I get up and keep going. So glad to hear Leah is eating better!

  3. Sharon in Austin

    I love keeping track of your babies. I am a friend of Nancy H, a neighbor of your mom's. If you bring the babies to church I imagine you could get volunteers to watch the babies so you could get away for a date, or family dinner. Nancy and I both work in the church nursery so we have experience, though not with sextuplets! Hope you are all well soon.
    Sharon in Austin