Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lily LightAide

If your kiddo has a visual impairment, WonderBaby is a great website with all sorts of information and resources- all free and all right at your fingertips!

The people at WonderBaby recently started a Backpacking LightAide Program.  They chose 6 families to test out the new LightAide for 2 weeks each.  The LightAide is a new product from Philips (the lighting people) and Perkins (school for the blind people).  It uses 224 small LED lights to create images, numbers, and letters for 66 different learning activities.  You can read all about the program here.  And learn all about the product here.

So, why am I telling you about LightAide?  Because we were chosen as one of the lucky 6 families!!!!!  In fact, they chose Leah to be the 6th kiddo to get it- she's a sextuplet, it was meant to be :).

The day we got Lily LightAide in the mail I set it up and started playing with it.  It. is. so. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!  The graphics and variety of learning activities far surpassed my expectations.  Leah's ECI case worker just happened to be here, so we got Leah in front of the LightAide and started running different programs.  She definitely showed interest in the activities that involved watching the screen (i.e. Track the Column, Spinning Pinwheel, Bouncing Balls).  For the activities that involved the touch pad sensors, we had to assist Leah, but she was stimulated by the activity.  Leah even enjoyed just relaxing watching the changing colors and spinning pinwheels.  She stayed completely relaxed and attentive for 30 min!!  That never happens.  That being said, I'm excited to see what else she can do with the LightAide during our 2 week trial!  Check out the videos and pics from Day 1...

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