Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot

It was October.  Everyone was posting cute pumpkin patch pictures on facebook and Instagram.  I thought, why not me too?  My kids would look adorable next to some pumpkins!  I found a quaint little pumpkin patch at a local church.  Not too far, not too big, with a few extra adults we could do this.

When a day came along that I just happened to have plenty of adults around I figured now or never.  Then I went outside and realized we have a Perkins Patch fence sign with pumpkins and scarecrows all around it in the front yard.  Change of plans!  Now I was going utilize one adult as a photographer and the rest to watch 5 kids inside as I take 1 outside for pictures- we'd fly through these in no time.  Or so I thought.  The second I went outside to set things up, they all started screaming and banging on the front door and window wanted to get out too.  So, we let them all run around in the front yard and got our neighbor friend to join in too.  The photo shoot was a disaster with very few actually good pictures, but plenty of humorous candid shots.  The kids had an absolute blast running around the yards!  I wish our front yards were fenced so we could go out there more.  Anyway, below are some favorites from the shoot and maybe next year we'll get to a real pumpkin patch!

Allison ready for fall!

Andrew stole Ben's book

Free at last!

Sadly, the best group shot

Leah and I

chubby skeleton

Andrew reading

Caroline, Levi, Allison, and I 

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  1. Love it! The one of you and Leah is adorable and I love the chubby skeleton :)