Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Ones

Miss Leah had her ileostomy takedown last Wednesday.  After being bumped several times, her surgery finally started at 4:30 pm and finished at 8pm- much different than the 1-3pm time slot we were originally told.  Poor thing hadn't eaten since 2am the night before so she was majorly hangry (hungry + angry).  Her surgery was a success!  She's all put back together and her poop bag is gone!  She has some serious recovering to do, but so far so good.  She is currently on pain meds as needed, is breathing on her own, and back in her crib.  We're waiting on her to have some "output" to prove her intestines are working so she can start on some breast milk.  The surgeon also took out her appendix because "she doesn't need it and it was in the way."  He warned us not to let another doctor tell us they're taking out her appendix because the scar's not in the usual place.  So, if I ever get that recommendation I'll be looking for a new doctor.  The best part is that Leah was able to return to the Pavilion to stay with her siblings.  We can add that event to the lists of 'firsts' we've accomplished for the Pavilion- first sextuplets, first bedside surgery, and first baby transferred back and forth to the West Tower.  Their policy is that once a baby goes to the West Tower, they don't come back, so I'm glad our medical team cares about what Dave and I want!  I also saw some firsts in the surgery waiting room- a foot long plumber's crack and a man carrying around a large potty chair.
Dad (aka Pop), me, Vaniesa, and Megan waiting during
Leah's surgery- what great friends to entertain me for 7 hours!

Pop taking over the front desk when the lady left

Mr. Levi is home!  He surprised everyone by passing up Allison.  He's tipping the scales at a whopping 3 lbs. 15oz. , but I'm sure he'll be growing quickly since he chugs his 2 oz bottles.  He seems a little unsure of his new environment, but we'll win him over :)  His first night was quite rough and I broke down and just "slept" on the floor in the babies room.  Since then it has gotten a little better each night.  My parents and I have developed a shift system- we each take a 4 hour shift between 9pm and 9am where one person is responsible for responding to crying babies and we all help with the night feedings.  It's working really well so far and it's nice to get a break to sleep and know someone else is getting up.

We also had a mini Perkins family reunion this weekend with Dave's parents, brothers + girlfriends, and aunt and uncle all visiting.  Dave, my parents, and I enjoyed missing out on some feedings and diaper changes :)  And Uncle Phil and Aunt Lee brought me lots of goodies from my favorite Arkansas bakery!  You know you're a sweetaholic when your hospital room was filled with cupcakes and candy instead of flowers and out of state visitors bring baked goods.
Aunt Ashley, Dave, and Uncle Kyle feeding babies

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  1. I'm so glad that Leah's surgery went well, and thrilled to hear that Levi is home! And I noticed that you've now learned what "surgeon time" is. Take whatever time a surgeon estimates, multiply it by two, and that's the real time.