Wednesday, July 25, 2012

3 months old!

I'm getting to the 3 month update a few days late, but the babies have started staying awake more, so I've been busy entertaining them and trying to stop them from crying.  Luckily it's usually only one or two crying at once; when all 4 are going it can kinda drive you crazy.

They sure are growing!  As of last weekend their weights are: Ben 9lb 5oz, Andrew 9lb 8oz, Caroline 8lb 5oz, Leah 5lb 11oz, Allison 6lb 7oz, and Levi 5lb 3oz.  Ben and Andrew are in size 1 diapers and large newborn or small 0-3 mo clothes.  Caroline and Allison are in newborn diapers and clothes, and Leah and Levi are in preemie stuff still.  They are all focusing their eyes more; Andrew and Benjamin will somewhat make eye contact.  They all like looking at lights and are lifting their heads really well- even Leah and Levi.  A problem we've come across is that Levi's head is so big that we can't get preemie items over his head even though they fit his body.
Levi says "Sic Em Bears!"
Health-wise we do have some updates.  Leah's ROP has cleared up!!  She is still working on tolerating breast milk, so still no NICU graduation in sight for her.  Allison on the other hand got off the feeding tube last week and has been eating well since, so if she keeps it up she may be discharged in a week or so!  Levi developed an inguinal hernia last week and will need surgery to repair it.  Meeting with the surgeon next week to get a plan in place.

I got my 6 seater stroller last week!!  I'm so excited to be able to get out with all the babies.  We'll definitely be cruising the neighborhood, so watch out!

We've had some fun dinners lately too.  The local Chick Fil A has a new mom program where they deliver a meal for free!!  Nuggets, fruit, salad, and brownies- yum!  They even included some Chick Fil A burp clothes and tiny stuffed cows...

A few girlfriends have been coming over every week to watch The Bachelorette and feed babies.  For the finale, and to give my parents a break, Mike and Dave cooked dinner for us girls.  Megan and I had to have an impromptu baby photo shoot to avoid making too many cooking suggestions :)  The boys did great though!

Next week begins our true test as parents of multiples.  My parents are leaving Sunday to go back home for a couple of months, therefore Dave and I will be relying on the help of volunteers.  We are SO thankful for all the hours and hours of hard work my mom and dad have put in the past 5 weeks- every feeding, night shifts, yard work, house work...  really everything that needs to be done.  I'm a little nervous about August and September, but have faith that God will pull us through.  Support from friends and family and sheer determination can't hurt either :)

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