Friday, August 1, 2014

Toddler Tidbits

Yet another dump of the latest tidbits....Enjoy!

  • Leah has been a little rockstar lately!  She has made slow, but steady progress in all areas.  We are so proud of all of her hard work!  And her hair is finally growing in and it. is. CURLY.
  • Allison is still my little Smidge and needs to get back on her growth curve, but she is moving in the right direction now.  She also tested out of ECI services!  That means she's not far enough delayed in any area to qualify for services.
  • They are all enamored with Signing Time and have started using signs to communicate, as well as a few new words! Amazing how quickly they picked it up.
  • Andrew and Levi have put 2 word phrases together: "more balls" and "uh oh ball" and "bye bye Dada"
  • Not progress, but fits in with the medical stuff... Ben had his first sick visit to the pediatrician- infected bug bite.  It was pretty nasty and thankfully chocolate milk hid the taste of the medicine.  
  • We have hit the stage of separation anxiety.  Some more than others, and only when I leave or drop them off at church.

  • Swim days are back again!  We've been hitting up the neighborhood pool almost every week with various volunteers who help me keep an eye on everyone.  Caroline is my little fish with no fear.  The others like to get in and out and walk around a lot.  Leah loves lounging in the baby pool.
  • Sidewalk chalk- they LOVE it!  I wish it wasn't so stinkin hot outside so we could use the chalk more often.

  • Finger painting- we have tried this once and it was such a mess my grandma said we can't do it again when she's at the house :/

  • Church.  It's nothing new, but we are now walking in using our walking rope!  They are doing so well with it and I am so proud of them!  We even got compliments on how well behaved our twins are ;) 

Around the House:
  • They have learned dog food is for the dog and not people.  They think it is so fun to hand feed Maggie, and Maggie does not complain.  They also think it is fun to throw dog food everywhere.

  • Caroline and Allison attempt to untie my grandpa's shoes every time he's here; they were even upset one day when he wore shoes with no laces- how dare he!

  • The boys (especially Ben) love to jump in their cribs, but no one has tried to climb out yet. 
  • They like to put trash in the trashcan, especially their dirty diapers!  Allison will only throw her own diapers.  When I give her someone else's she shakes her head and holds her nose like she's saying "No, that one's stinky."
  • They have also been helping me put dirty clothes in the hamper, switch clothes from the washer to the dryer, and pick up everything they throw around during nap time tidy up their rooms.  Generally, the cleaning up skills have been improving!

  • Pretend sleeping (this may or may not be my favorite game).  They pretend to be asleep, I say "Oh fill in the blank is so sleepy", they pop their heads up and think it is so hilarious.  Caroline has even developed a decent fake snore!
  • They give each other hugs- mostly when we ask them to, but still, so cute.
  • Allison has shown beginnings of the Perkins Pout (only cute because she's 2)... she folds her arms and full on pouts if she feels she has been wronged.  
  • They'll do anything for a raisin.
  • Andrew says hi and bye to anyone and everyone and ooooohhh when he's excited about something.
  • Ben cuddles with his giraffe stuffed animal from the NICU
  • When Levi is bored of you he says "Bye Bye!" and walks off.  Probably to go pose in front of a reflective surface.  or vacuum.  or be a singer/songwriter with his guitar.
And with that I bid you "uh Bye Bye!" in my best Levi voice.

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  1. Seeing this gives me so much hope <3