Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Summer Outings

School has started here in Texas which means summer is winding down.  Of course it's still super mega hot, so it still feels like summer to me!  And I am 100% so glad I am not getting my little people ready for school yet!

Our summertime was full of trips to the pool and splash pad.  I am always amazed that people volunteer their time to help me on these outings, but we do have a good time!  What also amazes me is how differently the kids react to the water activities.  Levi will only sit on the edge of the pool and kick his feet (he's usually trying to get into the lifeguard supply closet) but he LOVES the splash pad.  Andrew and Caroline love it all.  Ben likes being splashed in the pool, but he and Allison are timid at the splash pad.  Leah loves being in the water and she likes it when I run with her through the misty splash pad stuff, but nothing too harsh.  And don't try to get any of them in cold water!  Can't blame them for that one though.

We ventured out to the Barnes & Noble children's area to read and play with their train table, but it turned out to be Batman Day (who knew?!).  Allison was scared of the employees dressed as Batman characters and Ben chased a boy in a red shirt around the store, besides that it wasn't bad for their first time in a store (Yes, it was their first time in a store- not an easy feat).  They even used their walking rope through the store and didn't wander off! 

Art Class

Some of us got on the cooking show!
Cooking Class

Houston Mom's Blog put on a playdate at the Young Leaders Campus in Tomball where they participated in a gym class, art class, and "cooking" class (i.e. dumping snacks in a ziploc bag).  Definitely a different experience, but the kids had fun and they did great using their walking rope for transitions and in parking lots.  Andrew may or may not have stolen an extra box or two of raisins in the cooking class.  Levi did not like stickers on his artwork and he wasn't able to complete the gym activity as he was too distracted by the large mirrors and practicing his latest poses.  Pretty sure the mini marshmallows were everyone's favorite part of the day!  After the class we found a local park for a quick picnic lunch.  They loved walking through the leaves and the train that passed by!

In between all of our local outings, we headed to Austin for a weekend visit with Dave's parents.  The 3 hour drive felt like nothing after Colorado!  We spent most of the time outside- in the pool, chalking up the patio, and exploring the big backyard.  Dave and I even got to go out for dinner one night :)  The kids had a great time and handled everything really well.  Anytime we're driving now, the big boys point out every. single. truck. no matter the size.  And if we see a train it's a chorus of "choo choo!" from all 3 rows.  Laurie Berkner cds are also a saving grace on our road trips.


  1. So sorry to have missed seeing you and your posse while in ATX !! I love to read about all their activities and accomplishments!!!

  2. You're amazing! YOu guys are traveling more right now then we ever dare to think about, ha! Our four hour trip to Houston this past spring scarred us for awhile! Love seeing them out and about and so glad to hear the B&N store trip went well. We ventured there for our first time a few weeks ago. You are one heck of a momma!

    1. Amber YOU inspire me SO MUCH to take on the adventures and projects that we do. I'm always so impressed with my quad mama friends! I have to space out the adventures for my own sanity. :)