Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Growth

Along with summer outings, the kids have been growing and learning like crazy this season!  They are truly little people now with their own personalities.  I love watching them learn new things, even if they can drive me batty some days.  Oh those twos.  

A couple weeks ago Ben's eye was swollen shut.  No idea why and it cleared up in a couple of days.  He looked like the weird guy from The Goonies.  

Allison had a weight check and at 19 lbs she's still not on the growth chart, but she's close!  The doctor predicted that she'd be in the clear at the 30 month well check if she stays on track.  

Proof she's grown in 2 years time and still sweet with Maggie  :)

Andrew got credit for the first 2 word phrase: "more balls".  

We are also noticing some imagination forming- especially when it comes to boys and their car/truck/train sound effects and girls and their dolls.  And, no, we in no way push certain toys to certain genders.  That's what they choose.

finger painting

Leah's first finger paint!

Leah's current walker record is twice around the kitchen island!  She's getting more strength, head control, and weight bearing in her arms and legs all of the time.  I've been giving her more table foods to push her range of textures and tastes rather than quantity.  She's done surprisingly well with staying calm and keeping it down.  We've also been pipetting water through a straw and she's handled that with no issue.  

We noticed while watching Wheel of Fortune that every time a letter was called Leah would smile and coo.  We've tested the theory with different shows and toys and it's true.  Leah loves letters.

You know the nursery rhyme about the little girl with the curl and when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid?  Well, that about sums up Caroline these days.  She's in super testing limits mode.  But she can also be super sweet and helpful.  

They are all doing their "chores" (picking up toys, throwing away trash, and putting dirty clothes in the hamper) so much easier these days.  They are really noticing and copying what we do which can be fun and scary at the same time.  

Allison is still keeping everyone and everything in line and from time to time you might see her "working" the front desk of the children's area at church as special treatment for crying and pouting when we drop her off.  She just acts like she belongs up there with her crayon and paper.

And just for fun here's a little rhymey poem I wrote about a recent bath time experience.  It really happened.  And Dave did help with the last two lines:

1, 2, 3 little boys in the tub
having such fun splish splash rub a dub
just then I'm handed something absurd
Yep, that's right, a tiny little turd.
Then they start coming 1, 2, 10
A whole pile of turds, thanks a lot Big Ben.
And what could be grosser than Ben's derriere? 
All 3 boys throwing turds in the air.

The culprit.

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