Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Day in the Life

I haven't posted in a few months on what my basic day-to-day life schedule looks like.  I should do these more often, because, sadly, when people ask me when I started something with them or what the schedule was at certain ages, I really can't remember.  I mean, bottles and dream feeds seem like a lifetime ago.

We're still transitioning from 2 naps to 1, so the overall schedule depends on that.  Also, my personal schedule depends on if I'm running in the morning or not- that also affects how early I start drinking the caffeine.  :)  Of course, a few times a running day turns into a non-running day when the alarm goes off and I just have no interest in getting up yet.  So here goes...

4:45 am- groggily (that's a word, right?) get out of bed and quickly put on running clothes before I change my mind and head out the door as soon as I motivate myself to do so (usually 5-515)

6:15 am- finish up work out and get breakfast ready for the munchkins then quick shower.  On non-running days I get up about 6 and start on breakfast.  I pre-make breakfasts for running days- casseroles, muffins, crock pot oatmeal, etc.

6:45-7am- Kiddos awaken and eat breakfast- usually Dave gets started on the diaper changes while I finish showering.  Kiddos wake time is still based on Dave helping with breakfast before heading to work.

7:45- Leah eats breakfast and so do I and so does Maggie (phew- everyone fed for one meal)

8-9am- Kids play in the pen and watch the Today show (or maybe that's me) while I dress them/play/rest a little while they climb on me and poke my eyeballs and nose saying "Dat!"

9-9:30am- Decision time- 1 nap or 2?  How tired and cranky is Caroline acting- can she make it all morning?  How energetic do I feel?  If 2 naps, all kids have books in their cribs to read if they don't want to sleep (except Caroline- she needs the sleep).

9am-12pm- Busy busy time!  If no morning nap I turn on Sesame Street and they're free to watch or play in my bathroom while I finish any getting ready that didn't happen earlier.  I also try to fit in some quality mommy/kid time reading, singing, or silly dancing before the traffic starts.  By 10am if there are therapists and volunteers coming, they've started arriving.  While the in-and-out traffic is going on, I'm trying to get some Leah time in, feed morning snacks, do any chores (i.e. laundry), a round of diaper changes, prepare lunch, and do any dinner prep that needs doing- oh yeah, and play!  If there is a morning nap I can fit any morning chores and Leah time in then.

12-1pm- Depending on 1 or 2 naps, they'll go down for an afternoon nap sometime in this hour.

12 or 1- 315 or 330- NAP TIME!!  Glorious nap time.  I am grateful my kids take long afternoon naps and have no issues staying in their rooms if they wake up (and I have no issue ignoring them a little bit if they wake up early).  I use nap time to get my quality 1 on 1 with Leah, make phone calls, dinner cooking, cleaning, laundry, emails- basically tackle as much of the to do list as I can!  Of course, some days are more efficient than others.  Every now and then a friend will bring me lunch and we sit and eat and visit the whole time.  It's the best!

330ish- Back on duty!  If anyone's coming over for the afternoon (volunteer or playmates) they've arrived and my kids get an afternoon snack.  Then we all play!  Playing is anything from coloring and puzzles at the table to running around outside to reading books on the couch to fighting over the slide.

430- Start the prep for going on a walk.  I make their dinner plates and put on their jackets or sunscreen or whatever's needed for the current weather.

5-545- Walking the kiddos and dog around the neighborhood.  Sanity time for sure- for all of us (even Maggie).

545-715- Evening routine (have a helper 95% of the time): dinner, baths, pjs, kids watch Blues Clues or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while adults clean up dinner, prep Leah's evening feed, pick up toys and such outside of pen.  The 5 go to bed at 715!

715-745- Final round of picking up toys.  Then some Mommy, Daddy, Leah time before she eats and goes to bed.

8pm-??- Free time!!  I get to do whatever I've decided I'm going to do until I go to bed.  My current bedtime goal is midnight.  I'm still working on it.  Bedtime has never been my strong suit- just ask my mom.

There you have it!  A day in the life of Lauren.  Unless we have an outing of some sort, then things get changed a bit.  Pretty exciting, huh?

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