Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Time

This year Christmas really seemed to sneak up on me.  I've never been doing Christmas prep so close to the wire before.  I have a feeling it won't be my last time.  I didn't even get Christmas cards out until December 20th!  I personally didn't get very many cards until right before Christmas either which, to me, meant I wasn't the only one behind this year.

Our family's Christmas card picture this year- decided to just go with the crazy instead of fighting it
Our house was decorated inside and out thanks to some wonderful friends!  Honestly, I did VERY LITTLE decorating- we're talking hanging up stockings and Christmas cards and that's it.  A twin mom friend decorated the inside for me (she volunteered!) and the outside was a huge surprise donation from Home Depot and Gulf Coast Lawn Enforcement (we have some awesome friends who arranged this for us).  I was shocked when I saw a group of men hanging lights on our house.  Luckily, my mom let me in on the surprise before I ran outside to tell them "Wrong house!  I'm not paying you!"  That could've been embarrassing.

With a bunch of 1 1/2 year olds running around, we really couldn't participate in too many Christmas activities.  We did go looking at Christmas lights, but they fell asleep soon after we left home.  I may have fallen asleep too, so I guess Dave and my parents saw lots of lights.

We also took the kids to see Santa this year.  I did have an adult per child and that was definitely the way to go!  Bass Pro Shop by our house has a great Santa's Wonderland and gives you one free picture.  We called ahead to let them know we were coming and showed up at opening time on a Monday morning- good call.  They were very accommodating and let me do individuals and a group shot.  Andrew and Allison cried through it, Ben and Levi completely hammed it up, and Caroline and Leah were quite indifferent to the whole thing.  The event coordinator for the store was very nice and gave us lots of free pictures and invited us back for next year!  Free pictures = you will see us next year.

A group of friends wanted to get the kids something, but knowing we have plenty of toys, books, and clothes decided to go a more practical route.  A few days before Christmas they delivered a car load of wrapped gifts.  So thoughtful and sweet!  The kids had a blast climbing all over them and sometimes pulling paper.  Us adults got some laughs as we unwrapped paper towels, diapers, canned fruit, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and cookies.  It was great!


Why open when you can climb?
I intended to bake, but with our 15 containers/platters of cookies and candies received from friends, family, and neighbors there was no need and we all ate way too many sweets this Christmas!  The kids definitely learned the word "cookie" this season.

Christmas Eve we opened our family gifts.  Again, the kids were mostly interested in climbing all over them- even the tiny ones.  They pulled some of the paper and liked taking bows off and they were somewhat interested in the gifts.  Gifts were more appreciated the next day when they were set out in play areas.  We really lucked out that they got so many birthday gifts.  I had lots of stuff still in storage and we just wrapped up the birthday gifts in Christmas paper.  Worked out fabulously!  All the big birthday gifts/hand-me-downs were delivered by Santa overnight.  These included play kitchens, Cozy Coupes, and toddler couches.  Dave wasn't thrilled with staying up late to play Santa, but the kids really love all the things he brought, so it was worth it.  And I reminded Dave that we're just getting started with the whole Santa thing :)

It's a big one!

Hi Maggie

Sisterly Love

Sticker nose
Christmas Day we headed to my brother's house.  Festivities were scheduled for the afternoon when they usually nap, so I made sure they got a longer morning nap and pre-ate lunch.  Only problem with that was Caroline got car sick on the way there and had to celebrate Christmas in pants and shoes only. Oops.  Honestly, they did pretty well for having to skip a nap.  They explored and played until they just couldn't take it anymore and slowly all started melting down and we had to leave.  We were able to eat and very quickly rip open our gifts from extended family.  Then it was all over!  Christmas done for another year.  Well, besides the clean up which is about as much work as the setting up!

Levi testing out the new couch

Leah modeling her Christmas outfit on the new couch

I know there are cookies up there!

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  1. I love the Christmas card photo! I noticed the same thing about the cards this year, I think it was because we lost that extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year to fully prepare! Merry Christmas to you all!