Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Wanna Talk About ME

Toby Keith can be so inspiring... I wanna talk about me, I love this bar, I should've been a cowboy, red solo cup... j/k!  I do like Toby Keith!

Anyways, back on track...

The past 2 months were special to me with Mother's Day and my 30th birthday!

All I wanted for Mother's Day was a nap!  I was able to squeeze in a quick one :)  But when I woke up I was surprised by my friends with an afternoon to do whatever I wanted!  Dave and a couple of wonderful ladies planned for some to watch babies and some to take me around to do whatever I chose.  Of course with such options I could not decide what I should do with 4 hours!  We ended up getting pedicures and perusing a few of my favorite stores since I never leisurely shop anymore.  It was
just the refresher I needed!

It's no secret that I love birthdays.  I think everyone's birthday should be celebrated, I mean why not- it's your day!  My 30th was pretty low-key, but that's how I wanted it.  I have wonderful friends and family who made sure I had all dessert bases covered- cake balls, cookie cake, cookies, ice cream cake, brownie cupcakes w/peanut butter frosting, and a big bag of Reese's Pieces.  Can we say sugar high?  I was able to sleep in on my birthday and my dad got the traditional birthday donuts and kolaches.  I have two fabulous friends who share a birthday very close to mine so we had a joint party with a few other girlfriends.  It was a blast!  Of course I loved having a few hours out of the house to spend with friends with no kid distractions.  Dave, my parents, and I also got a dinner out to my favorite Mexican place El Tiempo- it's an annual tradition for Dave and I.  Great ways to kick off my 30s!  Who knows what this decade will bring?!  

Birthday Friends!!


  1. Happy birthday! To a fabulous new decade! So many great things are just waiting to happen!

  2. How fun, Lauren!! And to think that the next time you put a 'zero' on it, you'll have six 10year olds!!! Yikes!! Or... Ooo Laa Laa!! What a fun Mommy you are :)