Friday, April 5, 2013


While I'm on a roll with the blog updating, I'll do a post of random happenings.

First up, happenings at the feeding table...

We officially have 1 bottle left (last one before bed) and they drink out of sippy cups the rest of the day.  My goal has always been to be done with bottles at a year, so we're right on track.  I started giving them a little bit of diluted juice once a day and they can't drink it fast enough.  Unless I try to sneak some medicine in it, then those little stinkers don't want it. :/  A couple of weeks ago we stopped warming their bottles/cups too.  The first day they protested the coldness, but the next day they were over it.  I LOVE not having to keep up with the crock pot and remember to put bottles in, and I can now use my crock pot for cooking again (not that I'm cooking again-yet- but it's only a matter of time before I'm a crockin' girl).  One thing I didn't anticipate was having to figure out which sippy cups work best and how picky they'd be.  They like the Nuk with handles and are currently adjusting to the Nuby with no handles.

Andrew is the chugster.  We joke that he's prepping for college- total frat boy!  No matter what cup he has he picks it up with one hand and throws his head back.  He chugs so fast it runs down his chin.  Sometimes he even burps when he puts the cup down and makes fart sounds with his hand.  Obviously he's quite advanced for his age and we are very proud.

I've introduced some new snacks too.  So far all have been successful- even with Levi!  I'm doing muffins as birthday cake practice; they didn't like the texture at first, but now gobble it up.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese!  Allison even makes "mmm" sounds while eating it.  Once I was serving cheese and puffs at the same time and she threw the puffs back at me- she only wanted cheese.  What. a. diva.  The other new snacks I've deemed travel snacks because they're easy on the go- mum mums and squeeze applesauce.  They can't get enough of the mum mums.  Especially Andrew who tries to shove it in his mouth as fast as possible.  Levi did not like the grapes.  We learned this as we observed him leaning over the edge of the table spitting them on the floor.  

Ben is the laziest of snackers.  In an effort to make it easier for him to grab a puff I held it in my hand.  What did he do?  Put his hand under mine and lifted my hand directly to his mouth.  It's quite funny and cute, but I do NOT want it to become a habit.  

Next up, happenings in the medical world...

We have an official end date for the helmet!  On or before May 13th Levi will lose the helmet!  It's just about reached the end of its effectiveness as his head growth is slowing.  I'm glad he won't have to wear it during the summer- nasty!  Speaking of Levi, he's off his reflux medicine too.  He went cold turkey and has had no issues.  I get to sleep an extra 5 min in the morning now that I don't have to give it to him and it saves us money- win win!

Leah has started her vision therapy and she's already showing progress in just 4 sessions!  And what I have been doing on my own was actually pretty close to what her VI teacher does.  :)

Leah and Caroline visited the developmental pediatrician (the other 4 will go at a later date) for the first time since the NICU.  I have a good grasp on what they can and can't do so I wasn't surprised by anything he said.  Caroline is ahead of schedule in most areas, but her gross motor (she isn't crawling, but she is a fantastic assisted walker) and expressive language (inconsistent consonant use) put her behind.  Leah is very behind in all areas, but she definitely has made progress since NICU discharge and he was actually impressed with her considering her medical history.  I was impressed with this doctor and his team; he was focused on his patients and their parents- quite refreshing.  He's even going to come in on an off day because it worked better for me!  

Random alert!  Background- there's a lady in a white car who honks and waves and hollers at us everytime she sees us walking in the neighborhood and I have no idea who she is.  At the developmental pediatrician's office we were leaving and the receptionist stopped me and asked if I have a big blue stroller.  I say yes and she says, "That's me!  Always hollering at you!"  I go, "Lady in the white car?!"  She gives me a big hug and says she's so excited to meet me.  How random is that?

Last up, a few extra happenings...

Caroline has a little dance she does whenever she hears music- on a cd, on a toy, us singing, whenever. It's so cute!  I really need to get a video of it.  She slightly hunches and sways back and forth with her arms out.  Sweet girl.  

Caroline and Levi are both clapping and it's so cute!  

Everyone has at least one tooth now.  Ben, Leah, and Levi all got their first within a few days of each other and all handled it extremely well!  Thank you Jesus!
Our friend made these Coca Cola onesies for us.  They say "I'm part of the Perkins 6 Pack"  I love Andrew's face in this picture!

12 dangling feet

Baby Einstein working its magic


  1. Love all the updates! You're so amazing. Great news on all the crew and you just gave me the motivational "push" I needed to take our feeding schedule to the next level. If you can do it, I can do it... ;)