Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Easter

As with the previous holidays this year, the first Easter was simple, fun, and a successful outing!  We didn't do much since they had no idea it was Easter and they don't care about eggs, bunnies, or anything else involved in the celebration.  I did luck out that they were born close to Easter last year and, as a gift, Dave's employer sent us 6 filled Easter baskets.  Since Easter 2012 had already come and gone when we got the baskets, I boxed them up and saved them for this year.  Great decision!  They were filled with onesies, books, stuffed animals, monogrammed blankets, and socks.  And I had to do nothing!

I dressed the babies up for a few days in a row to fit in the cute dresses and tutus for Easter.  We attended church on Saturday and Sunday headed down to my grandparents' house for lunch.  We did their lunch spoon feeding and afternoon snack on the floor with no chairs or anything to contain them.  It wasn't as much of a disaster as I expected.  Half ate well, half were too distracted by the new surroundings and people, but the snack was much better than the spoon feed.  They didn't take an afternoon nap so they were super cranky when we left- all slept the whole way home.  Overall, they were very good and enjoyed the extra attention and different toys.  I enjoyed all the great food and baked goods (I gave them up for Lent)!  

All 8 of us at Mama's for Easter

Tutus and bowties day before Easter- Ben's eating his bowtie

Pretty girls in their fancy dresses on Good Friday

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