Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Zoo Visit!

I'm not sure when or why I made this goal, but I did and I was determined to get it done.  I wanted to bring the babies to the zoo by their 1st birthday!  Luckily, I have great friends who are always willing to go along with my ideas and make them happen!  Double lucky- the Houston Zoo has free admission on the first Tuesday afternoon of every month.  I was worried this experience would be a total disaster and I didn't want anyone wasting their money.

Despite the threat of rain, we loaded up and headed out after lunch.  I had practiced hooking up the stroller to the back of the van the night before to be sure I could do it all by myself in a timely manner.  The zoo was busy, but not too busy.  We were able to walk around the whole place and see most of the animals.  We did stop to give them their afternoon snack in the stroller and they did great!  They were really good the whole 2 hours we were there, even though they could not have cared less about the animals.  I'm not sure they ever even looked at one.  Though Levi was quite excited the whole time;  he babbled and squealed-loudly- as we walked around.  So, just in case no one saw us coming, he did a great job announcing our arrival.

I do believe we were the most popular exhibit of the day.  I'm considering charging next time.  Constant stares, comments, and questions.  Some nice people asked to take their picture (I always say no), but others didn't and had the iphones out and ready to go.  I didn't get anything new, just different to have so much at once.  I will say no one was negative.  Here are some highlights with my responses underneath:

"Can I touch your babies?  In my religion, if I don't touch something I admire, they'll get the ojo."
    "No....oh wait you're already touching them.  We don't want no ojo."

"So how many moms share this stroller?  Just 1?!"
     "Yes, they're all mine."

"Are you a school or daycare?"
      "No, they're all mine."

"Are those quadruplets/three sets of twins?"
     "They're sextuplets.  All born at the same time."

"How you do that?"
       "I don't know, I just do it."

"Look over here!! (man to his family) And you've been complaining about one baby!"
      Smile and keep walking.

"So were you huge (while holding out hand way in front of stomach)?"
       "Yes, I was quite large.  That's what happens."

Arriving in style!

The whole crew ready for the zoo.

Snack break!
Andrew and Benjamin

Allison and Caroline

Leah and Levi

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