Friday, June 8, 2012


When we decided to keep all 6 babies, I joked that I would need 6 baby showers to get everything we needed.  Well, we did have 6 baby showers!  Two at my work, one at Dave's work, one with church friends, one with my grandmother's friends (most people there didn't even know me), and this one with all my family and friends.  #6 was this past Sunday and it was a blast!  Emma and Sara did a fantastic job with everything.  Emma and I have hosted many showers together and 3 years ago after hosting several within a couple months, we decided to take a break and she told me she wouldn't do another baby shower until mine.  At that time Dave and I hadn't even talked about trying to have a baby yet, so Emma's been planning this thing for a long time!  The theme was "she's popped" and they went all out including a bubble machine when you walked in the door.  It was so fun to see all my friends I haven't seen in months, but it was exhausting too.  Everyone was so generous it took a days work to organize and put away the gifts!  You all will eventually get your thank you notes :)  My friend Elizabeth was the photographer, but I know she's super busy and hasn't had a chance to process the pictures yet, so I'm including some my aunt sent me...

The cake... made by Cakes by Gina.  I actually met Gina in the elevator on my way to a doctor appointment.  She asked me something about "boy or girl" or "how much longer do you have to go" and of course my grandmother says, "She has 6 babies in there!".  Gina then told me who she was and that she'd do the cake if I had any showers left.  Well, a couple months later she remembered me and did this awesome cake!  I have no idea how she makes the icing look like real popcorn.

My running club-BARC- gave me a huge surprise!  Apparently they were sending me my own version of the eBARCer the past few weeks so they could gather donations from the whole club towards a group gift.  They also included personalized BARC onesies for the babies and 6 6 packs of beer all made in Texas.  Runners are generally beer drinkers, except for me, so if you come over to help you can sample some of their selections :)  BARCers are the best and I've really missed my running friends! Dave and I are so grateful for your generosity especially since I was the worst VP ever this past year!

The spread... SO GOOD!  They continued the "popped" theme with marshmallow pops, strawberry pops, caramel popcorn, mushroom pops, and fruit pops.  To balance out my sugar overload I ate plenty of the bacon crackers which were just evil.  Anyway, that's it for the shower recap- thanks again to Emma and Sara and everyone who attended!!

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