Saturday, June 16, 2012

Andrew's Home!

After 4 false alarms, Andrew finally got discharged!  We had developed a pattern of: "Andrew gets to go home in 3 days"... "Nevermind he had an A&B last night, now he'll go home in 5 days".  We're glad he finally behaved himself!  We now cannot travel all in one vehicle as my car and Dave's truck only hold 2 car seats, so we caravanned home.  This means no more outings on my own for awhile and I don't think I can squeeze 3 babies into one stroller.  We're still waiting on our larger items (van, stroller)... patience is a virtue, right?  Dealing with 3 babies has already proven to be more interesting than 2.  Andrew seems to be noisier and he definitely has the stinkiest farts.  We also put them in their cribs to sleep for the first time, so that could also be a reason for the extra fussiness.  But, we made it through!  I did the 5 am feeding alone and it took an hour, including pumping, so I didn't think that was too bad for my first time.  If only I had 3 arms!  Or really 6 I guess :)  
Us with Andrew right before going home
Yesterday we also had a family meeting with Leah's doctors.  Her surgery (to reconnect her intestines) is set for the last week of June.  She will have to be in another building for the surgery and may have to stay there if she doesn't recover well.  It'll take a week or so for her to be able to eat again and from there she'll have to slowly build to full breast milk feeds and then take a bottle consistently, so she won't be coming home anytime soon.  She's also having an MRI done next week to get a better image of her brain.  Allison and Levi continue to do a little better everyday, just waiting on their bottling skills to improve and for them the gain weight.

Tomorrow is Father's Day!  Although I'm pretty sure Dave doesn't read this, I wanted to give a Happy 1st Father's Day shoutout to him!  He's done great with the babies and has really stepped up.  He's definitely a "paranoid Papa" but that's just because he loves them so much :)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad he's home! I'm so happy to see that the babies are all doing well (even little Leah, who has proven to be a fighter!) Hoping that her surgery goes well, and that her MRI brings some good news!

  2. Also, you are truly an inspiration pumping for all six! Way to go mama!