Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Month Birthday

Yesterday the babies celebrated their one month birthday!  You'd think taking everything a day at a time would make it go by slowly, but this month really flew by for us.  They have changed a lot in the past few weeks and are all doing amazingly well for preemie sextuplets.  Yesterday was the first eye exam for all of them.  Leah's eyes are slightly less mature than the others, but no one has ROP!  We just have to do a 2 week follow up with everyone which is a huge relief.  Here's Leah showing off her big eyes...

Leah was off CPAP Monday - Wednesday, but she started having some As & Bs after her eye exam and was put back on Wednesday evening.  Allison is getting her trial off CPAP next week.  Levi has been doing well tolerating his feeds and growing.  Caroline and Benjamin got their feeding tubes taken out and they were moved to cribs!  They have also started transitioning from donor milk to formula.  Andrew has decided to start holding his breath while eating, so he's been put on a slower track than B & C so he can mature more.    As of today, B & C will be coming home in 1-2 weeks!  This is happening WAY sooner than I ever expected, so this next week I'm cramming in as many last minute preparations as I can.  A couple weeks ago the residents told me the end of June would be a good goal for the first baby to come home, so either my babies are over achievers or the residents are really bad at predicting discharge time :)  Here they are in their cribs...

We had baby shower #5 this week at Dave's work.  55 people showed up to hear Dave's speech, ask questions, eat cupcakes, and watch us open tons of presents.  There are some extremely generous people in that office!  I managed to forget to take any pictures of the event, but a coworkers wife put together an awesome slideshow of the delivery pictures.  Once I get a copy of it, I may be able to figure out how to post it.  

I had my follow up appointment this week and I was cleared to do normal activity- yea!!  Today I drove myself (first time in 4 months) to the hospital and got rid of all Dave's ESPN radio pre-settings.  I also walked Maggie and I swear she made a face like "You're walking me?!" when I got her leash out. I also wanted to give a big THANK YOU shout out to everyone who has been driving me to the hospital everyday this past month.  I thought it was going to be difficult to find rides, but I think it took all but 10 minutes for me to schedule 3 weeks worth of hospital visits.  You continue to be the most awesomest family and friends anyone could ask for!

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  1. Hi Lauren and Dave. I really like your new blog! I am so excited to hear how well the babies are doing. Wow time does fly, already one month old. Great job on the eye exams and feedings. Happy to hear you are fully recovered. Lol, I liked your ESPN comment:) That is so nice of Dave's office. Congrats on bringing babies home soon. I will look forward to reading more blogs. Take Care,With Love,Lacie