Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lots of feeding going on

Dave had plans with friends today, so I'm stuck at home.  Between washing the mound of baby items, writing thank you notes, pumping, and attempting to organize the mini babies r us in our dining room, I decided doing an update would be more fun!  This week our big babies have proven to be over achievers.    They are all on full oral feeds now and getting tube supplements as needed.  I started breast feeding them as well.  I'm usually there for 2 feedings and attempt once with each kiddo.  Not sure what I'll do when all 6 are breastfeeding; the lactation nurses have quite an ambitious plan for me which they are excited about. A, B, and C are definitely hungry little critters!  They've done really well on the bottle and breastfeeding, they just need lots of breathing breaks.  It's hard to remember to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time!  These 3 will likely be put in cribs next week too.  Allison is scheduled to come off CPAP this week; her lungs are weaker than the big 3 which has put her behind.  If she can handle breathing without support, she'll start oral feeds very soon.

The little ones (Leah and Levi) are doing better, but still having digestive issues.  Seems like every time Levi's about to be taken off something, his gut decides to act up and we have to start over.  Now he's back on IV feeding along with breast milk; we're hoping he'll be able to tolerate full breast milk feeds without getting a huge belly soon.  Leah's doing better, but the doctors are messing with her feeds to find the best combination of breast milk and IV nutrition for her digestive system to function as it should.  There's a possibility they could have a trial off CPAP this week.  Overall, they had a great week :)

I started my very minimal exercise program (i.e. walking around the block) this week.  The first day my legs felt tired and sore afterwards which I thought was pathetic, but I have to remember I went 7 months without doing anything.  Since the first day I've had no problems.  I've lost all but 13 lbs of the baby weight!  I still look pregnant since the 13 lbs is all in my belly; again, I have to remind myself it's only been 3 1/2 weeks since they were born.  Dave's adjusted well to being a working NICU dad.  He visits the babies everyday after work and then walks Maggie when he gets home.

This week we had lots of family visitors which was fun!  The nurses were entertained by everyone and didn't even call security when people were fighting over who got to hold who.  :)


  1. This is so cool watching God answer every prayer! So proud of you and Dave!

    Hugs to all!
    Rebecca and Jim Patterson

  2. This has been such a blessing for many, and we continue to send Love and positive energy to you all. Hope to one day meet all of you.

    Best to all,

    Angela M. Perkins

  3. Awesome! :) Again, if you guys need ANYTHING, please just let us know!