Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birthday Celebrations!

The Pack's real birthday fell on a Wednesday.  With Dave at work and Leah busy with therapies, there wasn't too much hoopla going on that day.  They did get yummy cinnamon rolls (Allison ate so many she threw up) for breakfast and some very special chocolate covered Oreos for dessert!  The Oreos came from a baker in New Jersey (Sweet Temptations) who saw me on LIVE with Kelly and Michael; she sent them just for their birthday.  I ate Leah's on her behalf and it was amazing!  They also received a few gifts from family on their actual birthday which I missed in pictures.  But what I did get in pictures is each kid with me just like on their 1st birthday (to be shown in next post).  I'm thinking it could be an annual tradition :)

Andrew, Caroline, Ben eating Oreos

Levi and Allison eating Oreos

Leah posing with her Oreo
The big birthday party was the following Saturday.  Although we cut the guest list in half from last year, it was still a pretty big party.  My goal was to tone it down a bit from last year and I feel we achieved just that.  What helped the most was whenever anyone offered to help with the party I gave them a job.  By the end of it, I didn't have to do very much :)  Everyone pulled through with their parts for a very successful party!

We found a great location at a close-by neighborhood's rec center.  The building was the perfect size and had access to playgrounds, splash pads, open field, and sand volleyball!  I loved that I didn't have to plan any activities during the party.  The theme was A Very Hungry Caterpillar and it turned out really cute!!  There were caterpillars everywhere thanks to my BFF from college's sister.  She made 95% of the decorations and did a phenomenal job!  A fellow high order multiples mom (she has quads and they were next door to us in the NICU) made their birthday shirts.  I sent her a picture of what I liked and she replicated it perfectly!  (Check out her Etsy shop here)  All the food served corresponded with what the caterpillar ate throughout the story, and  the favors were bags of M&Ms labelled "Caterpillar Food".   Everyone had a good time, especially the kids.  They were worn out from running around chasing bubbles in the field.  OH, and they ate a ton of cookies!

Cake Table

A Very Hungry Caterpillar in Pictures

Each kid had their own caterpillar with pictures of themselves throughout the last year


Dave and Levi

Allison and Andrew sneaking cookies

Time to eat!

Leah slept through most of the party.  I was forced to eat her cupcake.

Wanna bite?

Look who woke up just in time to go home!

Ben was loving my grandmother's hat

I'm always told "the days are long, but the years are short".  No kidding!  I can't believe how quickly time flew between the 1st and 2nd birthdays.  I know it's not going to slow down either.  I will say I am loving my little toddlers.  It is a blast watching them learn and discover new things.  Yes, there are rough times and testing limits, but I'm thinking so far I like this stage way more than baby stage.  We'll see what I think in a year :)

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