Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Weekend of Celebrations

I know it's been over a month since I've posted.  In my defense, April and beginning of May had all sorts of events going on and I was barely keeping up!  I probably said the same thing about March.  It was true then too.  We are finally getting to a slower pace for the summer and I'm ready to catch up on a few things- like this blog!  Let's get to it...

A Baby Shower

My oldest friend (as in we've been friends since 4th grade) Lacie is expecting a precious baby girl this July!!  I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for her Houston area friends.  The other hostess also has small children at home and neither one of us wanted to have guests over, so we opted to host at a local tea room.  Why have I not hosted showers at restaurants before?!  It was so much easier!!  Other hostess handled invites and our joint gift.  I handled decorations, reservations, and cake.  We agreed that favors and games were not necessary as we were paying for everyone's meal and the restaurant limited us to 1 1/2 hours.  Since the tea room already had cute table decor, I didn't have to do much :)  Really this was the easiest shower to host.  It made it that much less stressful, so I got to enjoy time with my friend.  Ms. Lacie had a wonderful time visiting everyone, eating yummy food, and racking up on some great stuff for the baby girl!  I say it was a successful shower!

Lacie's gift from the hostesses

The table 

In addition to balloons, I made tutus for these animals to complete the purple ballerina animal theme

Me, Lacie, and the other hostess

A 25th Anniversary Celebration

Our church here in Pearland celebrated its 25th Anniversary in April!  To commemorate such an event, we held one service for the weekend at the Toyota Center in downtown Houston.  Our church typically has 5 services a weekend and the other 2 campuses have 3 services each; so, there was quite the crowd as we all went in together.  One of the amazing things about our church is that they have a ministry for children with special needs.  They even had suites reserved at the Toyota Center for families with special needs children.  I got us on that list as fast I could and it paid off!  We were even allowed to bring our entourage with us.

The actual service was awesome!  The music was phenomenal and my kiddos even got into it (especially Levi).  Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) was the speaker.  I didn't hear everything he said while I was chasing and feeding kids, but from what I did hear, he had some great things to say.  The kids had a blast running around the suite and snacking.  I'm thankful our church makes such considerations for families and that our friends volunteered to join our entourage!

Family time in the suite

A suite view!

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