Monday, May 6, 2013

Pack at the Park

Before I begin this post I will say that the past few weeks have been insanely busy!  I've gotten behind on my blogging and updating, so my plan is to do several posts this week to catch up.

About a month ago (told ya I was behind!)  our church small group planned an afternoon at the park for our semiannual croquet match!  We even have a trophy we pass around to whoever wins.  For the record, I was the original winner and since then the same couple has won every time.  Dave and I wanted to get the trophy back, so we decided to haul the kiddos to the park and take turns playing and watching the babies.  We assumed it'd be easy enough to recruit more baby help when we got there :)  Luckily, a friend brought her three baby loving daughters and all the kids had a grand time.  We even fit in a little time on the swings and slides!  Ben was the only one who really enjoyed it all.  The best part was that Dave and I won!!!  The Croquet Champ trophy is back where it belongs- on a shelf everyone can see when they enter our home :)

The youngest of the baby loving girls really cracked me up, here are some examples:

(in regards to Ben):  "He's even more chubbier in person!"
(when someone asked her to do something): "I'm trying to take care of 2 babies here! It's hard!"
(when all were fussing/crying): "I think I'm going to cry too!"

Here are some pics:

Ben's swinging

Levi and Andrew swinging

Levi sliding

We are the champions!!

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