Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our First Parade

Since the day the babies were born, my grandmother and great aunt have been strongly suggesting that the babies be in their town's San Jacinto Day parade because it's the weekend closest to their birthday.  I was not a fan of this idea, but as the year wore on, they broke me down and I agreed to do it.  Of course I called on my trusty adventurous friends to join us!

Mama and Jeanie were in charge of decorations.  They really outdid themselves!  The stroller was smothered in red, white, and blue wheel covers, streamers, flowers, balloons, and even a wreath.  Our whole group was instructed to wear red, white, and blue clothing only.  Luckily, the babies already had cute red, white, and blue rompers!  They had the local high school art teacher make us a banner for the parade saying "Happy Birthday Perkins Sextuplets".  They even practiced pushing the babies in the parade by walking them around our block waving and saying hello to whomever looked their way.

Walking in the parade was actually quite fun.  That morning was COLD so we had to layer the babies up with undershirt onesies, tights, and pants (red, white, and blue of course).  Aunt Jeanie knew the parade manager so she got us a prime spot in the line up behind the high school band and in front of all the fume producing vehicles.  The mile long course took maybe 30 minutes and there weren't too many people watching, but the babies were perfect and we had a great time watching Mama and Jeanie's excitement- and bickering.  There are already plans for next year!

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  1. Everybody looks great! I'm so glad you have such great support and family that you can get the babies out to do stuff like that. :)