Saturday, January 10, 2015

First Big Girl Haircuts

I've been cutting the boys' hair for over a year now.  Whenever I did their hair, I'd trim the girls' bangs and just let the hair grow because I was too nervous to cut girl hair.  Not to mention they both have beautiful hair!  Allison's ringlets and Caroline's waves are so pretty.  But, it was getting harder to keep neat and fix and comb with their big mess of tangles.  And Allison's was getting close to her waist when it was wet!

So, for the first time, my mom and I took just the girls out- for haircuts!  We went to a kids place that had cars to sit in and TV shows to watch.  Allison volunteered to go first {I was shocked!}, and although she didn't cry, she looked about as pitiful as a person can look.  But she survived.

Caroline fussed when her bangs were being cut, but once that part was over, she was perfectly fine zoned in on the TV.

While I was paying, my mom opened up a treasure box filled with lollipops and you would've thought it was a pot of gold.  Allison's face was priceless!  I let them take one but they still haven't eaten them- ha!

To celebrate the occasion we took the girls to Chick-fil-A for the first time! {It was next door, so why not?}  They thought they were so big picking their own drink and side and eating with just Mommy and Gammy.  They were perfectly behaved, so maybe these kinds of outings will be happening more often.

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