Friday, June 27, 2014

Life as 2-year-olds

Since the last update we've been more low key, but that also means I've been awful about taking pictures and videos!  Regardless of our low keyness, they are busy little people these days! They're into everything, climbing (or trying to), opening drawers, pushing buttons (literally and figuratively), and making big messes with toys and food.  Even though they can really test my patience with the whining and disobeying, it's still fun... most of the time.  They're learning more and more each day to communicate, participate in games and songs, and be aware of each other.  Even with Leah- Caroline, Allison, and Andrew will go "check on Leah" by patting her and when she vomits they'll hand us rags to clean it up.  Every now and then they'll bring her one of her toys- just warms my heart.  

One interesting observation (to me) is that despite a mix of toys throughout the house and no push towards any particular toy or cartoon character, the girls are more interested in girly stuff and the boys are more interested in the boy stereotyped toys.  The girls will also sit for nail cutting and hair fixing while the boys give me a wrestling style workout.  

Ben was curious about the girls' tutus... not a fan.
Andrew's the tallest and can climb on all the furniture, reach stuff off the counter, and has about figured out how to open doors.  He and Caroline love to play hide and seek and feed each other at the table.  Andrew continues to steal everyone's toys and be in time out the most, but he also loves to give hugs- Ben is a great hugger too.  Caroline continues to have her regular meltdowns and frequently doesn't make it through lunch without being put to nap early.  BUT she has begun to say all done at lunch instead of throwing everything- such a better indicator of nap readiness!  Ben has taken up singing lately (mostly series of ohs and doos), but Levi will not be outdone in the music category- he's started singing "e i e i o" (emphasis on the oooo).  Allison loves to be a helper and even throws away dirty diapers now :)  She also knows her colors.  

They're all into marching, trying to jump, and guiding adults around by the finger.  They love being chased and running after each other.  One way I like to include Leah is by pushing her around to chase the others, sometimes they'll "help" push her too.  They all love coloring right now and on rainy days I've been laying sheets of paper on the floor for lasting entertainment.  We have had a few incidents of crayons on non-paper surfaces, but nothing too drastic yet.  Caroline and Andrew are big into building with Stackadoos, but they all enjoy it.

Rainy day coloring

They're all crazy for raisins!  I require them to sit quietly on the floor to get a raisin or two, and several times a day you will see 5 toddlers sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for raisins.  We've all been enjoying water activities lately.  They love playing in our backyard inflatable pool, and after some initial cautiousness, they're loving the neighborhood splash pad too.

All trying to "Get Daddy!"

The end of May was full of doctor appointments.  All the kiddos went to the dentist and had great checkups.  They really love brushing their teeth and were even pushing each other to get to the exam room first!  Leah sees most of her specialists every 6 months, so we were due to make the rounds.  As I like to say, you know you're going to TCH too much when the valet people know who you are.  She's been putting weight back on well and has been making steady progress all around.  We met with her new neurologist and he had actually reviewed her records and imaging before the appointment.  He was very pleased with her progress.  He also said based on her history and brain images that she is amazing and must be happy and hard working. It was nice to hear, even if I already knew all that :)

Below are a few videos for your enjoyment.  Apparently Caroline has been hanging around me lately as she's in every video!

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  1. Awww! They are such a cute little bunch. They're in their curious phase too, in the sense that everything new to them stimulates their curiosity, which explains all the random climbing, button pushing and drawer opening. They're growing up pretty quick. I hope you capture every moment as it pass. Anyway, I'm glad they're into dental hygiene. I know how hard it is to have kids to practice that. I hope the practice goes on until they grow up. :)

    Wallace Tucker @ Robert Kelleher DDS