Monday, March 24, 2014

Valentine's Fun

Yes, Valentine's Day was over 5 weeks ago and I'm just now posting about it.  I'm just plain behind on blogging!  Expect several combo posts soon- you know, my usual blog dump catch up.

Back to Valentine's Day... I'm still in the mindset that my kiddos don't really know about holidays which makes it very hard for me to get motivated to do cutesy holiday things for them.  I'm thinking next year I'll get more into it.  There's always next year, right?

Fortunately for the kids, one of my faithful volunteers wanted to throw them a Valentine's party!  She showed up with balloons, themed snacks, and card making supplies.  It was really fun!  I'm not sure the artwork would qualify as a card, but they scarfed down the snacks and LOVED the balloons.  I ended up leaving the balloons tied to their chairs for a couple of weeks and they got a kick out of pulling the strings, hitting them, and just watching them move around.  Great table time entertainment!  Although the party was great and all, the best part of Valentine's was getting a date night with Dave (same volunteer offered to babysit- I should probably make her an award or something)!  He took me to the restaurant we ate at the night he proposed :)  Aww... so romantic.

Leah loves to party!

Loving their balloons and snacks!
My neighbor friend has recently started up a photography business.  She likes to practice and test out her props and ideas.  We live 2 doors down.  This means I get all kinds of awesome pictures of my kids plus extra time hanging out with Lisa.  I'm totally getting the better end of the deal here!  Anyways, Lisa built a kissing booth for February pictures and invited us over for some fun group shots.  I absolutely love what she got despite the whole group thing not working out and me stepping in last second to corral kids and display my lovely frumpy mom-ness.  I've included my favorites and if you want to check out Lisa's work- and maybe hire her too, here's her blog: Lisa Holloway Photography

Mommy and Leah

Allison and her hair

Mommy, Alli, and Caroline

Mommy and her boys



Looking through the fence- one of the latest fascinations
Well that about sums up the festivities for this year!  Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day too :)


  1. Adorable darling pictures of the kids - jealous you have a photog for a neighbor!!! And so awesome y'all got a date night!

  2. Love seeing Leah's smile! And looking straight into camera too, so focused!

  3. They're SO cute! I love the kissing booth idea!! :)