Friday, March 15, 2013

Gimme a Break

Do we get out often?  No.  But we do get out!

I will say that without very time generous friends and family, we actually would not get out, but they feel bad for us.

Just to prove it, over the past month we've had several outings.  One for Dave's 30th birthday!!  Just went out to dinner, but that's all he wanted to do anyway.  For Valentine's Day it was a trip to Trader Joe's and The Chocolate Bar (my picks- I like food).  Then there were 2 weekends in a row I was a super nice wife and stayed home while Dave had some guy time with his friends.  Don't worry, there will be payback time!

Speaking of, I cashed in one girls night for a Bachelor finale viewing party!!  Many of my friends and I love to watch The Bachelor and gossip/make fun of it.  So, we decided to watch the finale together complete with bachelor style dining (paper plates, solo cups, pizza, wings, chips, etc.), a champagne toast to the happy engaged couple, and a dump cake to honor the poor girl ditched at the end.  A little Bachelor Bingo and prediction game were thrown in for fun too.  Overall, it was a blast!  Can't wait to have another one whenever the next season rolls around.

A little bubbly anyone?

Chit chatting

My lovely friends- check out our bling and roses!

One of our babysitters- they wore him out

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