Friday, August 31, 2012

4 month stats

I thought this time around I'd break it up by baby.  Let's go in birth order...

Andrew Noah

Also known as "Charm" and "Andy Man".  He is such a flirt with his smiles, coos, and sideways glances.  He was also the first to bust out the Perkins Pout; I was not ready for that one this early.  Andrew has no patience; he goes from calm and happy to kicking and screaming within seconds.  He will stay quite content just by looking around which is nice.  He's the easiest one to burp and definitely sucks down his bottle.  He loves being benchpressed too.  Andrew's 4 month height and weight were 23 in (2nd %ile) and 12 lb 2.5 oz (6th %ile).

Benjamin Luke

Also known as "Ben", "Cheeks", "Big Poppa", and "Benny Boo".  He's my chubster weighing in at 12 lb 6.5 oz (8th %ile) and 21 in (0 %ile).  He probably gets the most comments on being cute, but I think it's because people can't resist a baby with chubby cheeks.  He also smiles and coos a ton and has one dimple.  He stays the most content with looking around and is starting to grab at dangling objects on the play mats.  He hates tummy time and fusses the entire time; due to this, he is the worst at lifting his head and pre-crawling motions.  The back of his head is also kinda flat.  He's a good eater and races Andrew at every feeding.  

Caroline Grace

Also known as "Gassy Girl" and I do sing Sweet Caroline to her and call her Princess Caroline sometimes.  Dave calls her his 'nemesis'.  She was my long lean girl, but has grown a big belly in the last couple weeks.  She's at 10lb 12 oz (3.8%ile) and 21 in (0%ile).  She is still dainty, but can toot and burp like a man.  She smiles and coos, but on her own terms.  She likes being on her belly and is the best at supported sitting.  She has some strong lungs too.  She almost always stops crying once she gets some attention.  Caroline hangs with the big boys on the eating front too.

Leah Michelle

Also known as "Leah Peah".  These days Dave sees Leah after work and I go on the weekends.  She was moved to the Level 2 NICU a couple weeks ago which means she's stable.  We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on her though.  She is officially on full breast milk and bolus feedings.  She even got her first bottle today and took a full ounce.  Now she just has to keep it up so she can come home!  She weighs 7 lb 5.5 oz and I'm not sure on her height.  She loves her swing and her pacifier and being held.  She isn't smiling or cooing, but has started to make some eye contact.  

Allison Kate

Also known as "Alli", "Allikins", "Alli Kate", and "Miss Priss."  She still needs her formula mixed separately for higher calories.  She's weighing in at 8lb 4oz (0 %ile) and 20 in (0%ile).  Her eating has improved dramatically, but she still isn't as quick as her siblings or eating as much.  This girl can smile though!  She dishes out some big ones and looks like she has something to say.  She's a mover too; always scooting around, popping up on her side, and kicking herself over the boppy pillow.  She likes the bouncy seat the most and her tummy time.  She has started physical therapy with ECI.

Levi Thomas

Also known as "Little Man" and "Chico".  He's still my tiny baby even though he's made some major growing gains.  He's at 7 lb 4.5 oz (0%ile) and 19 in (0%ile).  He actually has a little fat on his body now!  He finally got on reflux medicine which has made a world of difference with his eating and sleeping.  I think he'll gain weight faster now.  He is so alert and makes more facial expressions than all the others combined.  He is very serious, always furrowing his brow.  He fights his sleep like no other; I think it's because he doesn't want to miss anything.  Levi also scoots a lot and moves a lot like Allison.    He loves motion and being held;  I think he's already spoiled.  Levi also gets physical therapy with ECI.

I honestly can't believe they're 4 months old already!  They amaze me and I thank God everyday for my little miracles.

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  1. my goodness, it's so great to see them all growing so well and so fast! and yay for leah! she seems to be making such quick process now that her intestine is fixed!